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Erika Sherger is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Northern New Jersey. Though she has been writing songs and playing instruments since she was a child, she was essentially a closet songwriter for many years, practicing guitar and using songwriting as a tool to process her emotionsAfter life circumstances conspired in just the right way to make her ready to share her music, Erika went to her first open mic in 2019. She felt at home immediately in the warm and supportive music community in Northern NJ and she immersed herself in the local music scene. Before long, she began recording her music and playing shows with some of the new friends she met on her musical journey.

Erika's songs are honest and raw responses to the different emotional terrain she has traversed, from found and lost love, losing her mother to ALS, to riding her completely blind horse, Levon.

Erika openly embraces the beauty and pain of life, and her voice (both figuratively and literally) is clear and powerful. The emotional rawness of her songs really reach into the heart and have been known to evoke deep emotion in some listeners. The autobiographical style of her songs, set among an indie folk/ Americana landscape, tells stories with courage and humility. Erika's songs ring true with an authenticity that is enhanced by her unique and memorable vocal style, which is most often compared to Stevie Nicks, Linda Rondstadt and Natalie Merchant.

Erika grew up listening to the Beatles, the classic rock of the 60's and 70's, Neil Young, 80's pop (Pat Benatar and Cyndi Lauper), and favorite artists such as Peter Gabriel and the Grateful Dead. Her songwriting is heavily informed by Americana, indie folk and alt-country like Ryan Adams, Wilco, Iron and Wine and many others.


Erika can often be found playing songwriter shows or playing weekend gigs at bars, restaurants and coffee houses in New Jersey and Pennsylania. She released her first EP, Like Birds, in March 2021, a complication of 8 songs she wrote during COVID. Her second release, a full-length album of 12 songs called Bad Wolf, was released in March 2023. Erika is currently recording her third album, which she hopes to release in summer or fall of 2024. 




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